Essential Craftsman Anvil Giveaway 2019


Essential Craftsman has come up with the Anvil Giveaway 2019 for all their blacksmiths in which they are giving away 161lb Arm and Hammer Forged Anvilin ($800+) free of cost to 1 lucky winner. A random draw will be conducted to select the winner of the Essential Craftsman Anvil Giveaway. So hurry up and enter now!


Essential Craftsman Anvil Giveaway 2019

Giveaway duration: Ends on December 20, 2019

Reward(s): Win 161lb Arm and Hammer Forged Anvil worth over $800 (Free shipping)

Sponsor(s): Essential Craftsman Youtube Channel

How can I enter?

To enter, visit to fill the giveaway entry form with required details such as your name, email, address and click on submit to receive an entry for the sweepstakes. That’s all! Best of luck!




  1. Enter me in the anvil give away please. I entered the essential craftsman class for life. I am getting all my tools together. I’m very excited to get going. This is such a great class. Thank you,
    Paul bankston

  2. I learned so much from you videos and craftsmanship. My father-in-law had an antique anvil, but it went with the sale of his shop equipment to furnish a location museum of heritage! So wanted the anvil and machine lathe! Anyway, thanks for your craftsmanship and sharing! Respectfully yours!

  3. I’m wyatt I’m 26 years old I’m really anxious to start blacksmithing I have a gas forge and all the tools accept something to hit hot steel on so I really cant even start smithing until I find an anvil I have searched all over NH and there aren’t really any reasonably priced ones that aren’t destroyed.

  4. i am 15 years old and i have been wanting to be a black smith for 4 years now i do not cum from a wealthy family so i can’t afford a anvil

  5. dear entensial craftsmen
    i’m a young 15 year old teenager who wants to become a blacksmith and to experience the trade and job as a blacksmith to see what it’s like to be a blacksmith and my grandfather was a blacksmith and i’ve been wanting to be a blacksmith like my grandfather and my grandfather’s wife sold everything and gotten rid of the anvil he worked on so that’s why i want to become a blacksmith. ps i enjoy and love your videos on your youtube channel i enjoy the wonders of blacksmithing in hands on hands experience. and would like to try and become the best blacksmith i can ever be. 1703 N Centrail ave Cameron TX


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