iHeartRadio $1000 Cash Contest 2022 (Keywords)


iHeartRadio, one of the leading Free Internet Radio Platforms is back with another interesting iHeartRadio $1000 Dollar Contest from which you can get a chance to win cash in the form of a check every hour while listening to your favorite iHeartRadio station. A total of 13 lucky winners will be chosen each day and get a cash Prize of $1000 from iHeartRadio. Are you excited right? So go ahead and enter into iHeartRadio Cash Giveaway.

iHeartRadio $1000 Cash Contest 2018 (Win every Hour)

About iHeartRadio $1000 Cash Contest 2022

iHeartRadio is a very popular internet radio Station (even my favorite). Now iHeartRadio is giving you a Chance to Win $1000 Dollars every hour while listening iHeartRadio. Every Hour, One Sounder or Cue to Play will be aired at different times along with a message instructing listeners to text an iHeartRadio Contest $1000 keyword for a chance to become one of the iHeartRadio $1000 cash winners

A total of 13 Cue will be aired between 5:00 am to 9 pm per day during WeekDay from October 17, 2022, to November 18, 2022

How to Win $1000 from iHeartRadio?

  • Listen to any participating iHeartRadio station to collect iHeartRadio $1000 Contest Keyword /cue that will be aired randomly at various times.
  • After getting the Cue, Submit the Code via any of the following Paid or Free Methods.

Paid Method:

Text the Designated Code to 200200 within 1 hour of that Code was Announced to get 1-time entry for hourly iHeartRadio $1000 Playtime’s Drawing. Standard text Sms and data rates may apply; contact your carrier for rates applicable to your plan

Free Method:

This Method works without sending SMS. Log in to any participating Station’s website and follow the Sweepstakes links to register for the Sweepstakes by entering the Designated Code for that Designated iHeartRadio $1000 Contest Playtime along with other details asked by Station.

To get More details about the iHeartRadio Sweepstakes for $1000 every hour, Kindly Read the Official Rules of the giveaway.

Limit of (1) entry per person per designated playtime regardless of entry method.

Giveaway End Date:- Eligibility:-
November 18, 2022 U.S and District of Columbia (18+ Age)


iHeartRadio $1000 Dollar Giveaway 2022

Reward(s): Win$1000 Cash Prize from iHeartRadio (Every Hour)

Starting Date: This giveaway starts on October 17, 2022, at 8:55:00 a.m (Eastern Time)

Ending Date: Valid till 9:59:59 p.m on November 18, 2022 (Eastern Time)

Open to Country: Legal Residents of 50 states of the United States or the District of Columbia who are 18 years of age or older are eligible to enter (19 or older if a resident of Alabama or Nebraska).

Number of Winners: 1 Winner Every Hour (Total up to 13 per Day)

iHeartRadio $1000 Cash Contest 2018 (Win every Hour)

Who are the Winners of the iHeartRadio Text to Win $1000 Contest?

To get the name(s) of the winners), All you have to send a stamped, self-addressed envelope, to: iHeartMedia + Entertainment, Inc., 2022 Q4 Cash Sweepstakes, 125 W 55th St 7th Floor New York, NY 10019.

Don’t Forget to Share this Sweepstakes with your Friends as Sharing is Caring 🙂



  1. I’ve been trying to win since last year. I always get a confirmation text but no call. I wonder if there is something else you need to do other than call in with the correct word within the specified time .

  2. What a scam! If you don’t answer the call from them you lose out! Don’t have area code 513 blocked on your phones as that is where the calls come from.
    If you are picked for the hour it should be yours if you answer the phone or not but that’s how they save the money.
    Don’t rely on the app to get the word at the top of the hour as it seems to always crap out and by the time it reloads you have missed it.
    Once you have about 6 hours worth of words they just repeat them over and over. The next day today’s 5pm word will be the next’s day 4 pm word. Write them done and you’ll see the pattern. Then you won’t need to listen at the hour for that word, just make sure you enter it for the hour.

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  4. Im having trouble with one of your words today. It sounds like your ore yore but it isn’t. It is spelled but I still cant get it. Could you please tell me which word it is. Thanks Virginia McLendon

    • wings, blue, bank, coffee, income, And the one I can not get is the one that sounds like fad. it He should spell the words out. I can not understand him…

  5. Please help me with the word that sounds like FAD. I have partial hearing in my left ear (military issue)and it is driving me crazy to not get that ONE code work. Please help me.

  6. I won $1000 2 years ago. They call you about 30-45 minutes after the hour ends. You also have to pick up the check. Nobody told me. It sat at the station for 3 months as I waited for them to mail it to me. You also have to give them soundbytes they can use of your voice and make you repeat what you say several times if they dont like it

  7. I’ve been trying to find out where to text the word for every hour but I can’t find where for the $1000.00
    Thank You
    Debra Bohl.

  8. I can not understand the announcer when he says the key word…please have him spell the word so we can participate in the contest … S-P-E-L-L … AT LEAST ONCE

  9. Why not send a text saying you won…. if you can’t answer the phone or especially don’t recognize the number. I think that would be a much better system and ensure us that have to work and can’t be glued to our phones a real chance to win!

  10. I got a call on Friday 02/07/2020 stating that I won a $1000 ….. I called my radio station and they know nothing about it ….. I thing that I was scamed …..

  11. I agree with Roberto, I can not understand the announcer on some of his words. Sounds like bone…I think they need to get another announcer!! Please.

  12. How often can you put the word in an hour? I usually just
    Put it in once but recently I noticed you can put in as many times as you want…so what should I do?

  13. soon are later you will win have a litter faint I will keep trying soon are later my ship will come in good thing come to peoples who wait.

  14. It says this contest is closed but they are still giving out words on WTUE and I keep playing. I get the UR Entered text….but I never get a call. I honestly dont think this is real. I did have a call back once but when I answered they hung up. IDK

  15. What area code do they call from? Do they call three times? I got a call from area code 332 (nyc) but they only called once and when I try to call back that number it just rings busy three times (user busy)and then silence. I actually hope I didn’t win and just missed call 🙁 I have been trying forever!

    • i think it is 5xx, I forget. I won 3 years ago.

      they do call multiple times, they did for me. I had bad service in my area, so they kept calling. it was an Ohio exchange number.

  16. I have to agree. I have listened faithfully daily and texted in the winning word every hour from the last contest period to this contest period. So sad that I have not gotten a call. I think my odds were pretty good. Is there a trick to this? I never miss a call on my phone because of the contest. I really need the win… Good luck to us all!


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