McDonalds Monopoly Canada 2018 Rare Pieces


McDonalds Monopoly Canada 2018 Rare Pieces

McDonalds Monopoly Canada 2018 is back again and this time with a big basket of amazing prizes. In this 2018 Canadian Mcdonalds Coast to Coast Monopoly game, they are giving away millions of exciting prizes + big cash prize of $50,000. Apart from this, there are various other cools prizes which you could win from McDonald’s Monopoly Canada 2018 Coast to Coast Game

Are you wondering which are the Mcdonald’s Monopoly 2018 Canada Rare game pieces which you need to put at McDonalds monopoly Canada 2018 board.

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If you don’t know whether you got a winning Coast To Coast McDonald’s Monopoly pieces? Then see our list given below every time whenever you get Game Pieces on buying food items from Mcdonald’s to know if you found a one game pieces.

McDonalds Monopoly Game Rare Code

Here are McDonalds Monopoly Canada 2018 Rare Pieces

Here’s a list of all rare game pieces for the 2018 Canadian “Coast to Coast” Monopoly game which you need at MCD Monopoly Canada Game Board. Just bookmark this page and keep checking the list daily as we will update this list of McDonalds Monopoly Canada Rare Pieces daily

Property Sets:- Rares Pieces:- Common Pieces:- Odds of winning:- McDonalds Monopoly Prizes:-
Brown Rideau Canal (#901) Parliament Hill (#902) 1 in 25,442,801 Xbox One X Forza Bundle
Light Blue Mackenzie River (#904) Lake Louise (#903), Lake Athabasca (#905) 1 in 169,618,314 Yamaha Grizzly Family ATV Bundle
Magenta Percé Rock (#906) Miles Canyon (#907), Columbia Icefield (#908) 1 in 162,418,046 $10,000
Orange Tunnels of Moose Jaw (#911) Signal Hill (#909), Peggys Cove (#910) 1 in 50,885,495 Cineplex Première Card
Red Confederation Bridge (#912) Baffin Island (#913), Bay of Fundy (#914) 1 in 96,924,798 $5,000 Vanilla prepaid Mastercard
Yellow Whistler (#917) Algonquin Provincial Park (#915), Wapusk National Park (#916) 1 in 23,875,664 Cabela’s Barbeque Package
Green Portage & Memorial (#920) Robson Street (#918), Sainte-Catherine Street (#919) 1 in 101,770,978 $2,000 Hudson’s Bay gift card
Dark Blue Fairmont Le Château Frontenac (#921) Niagara Falls (#922) 1 in 16,066,918 5 000 000 RBC Rewards points from Royal Bank of Canada
 Airports Vancouver Airport (#926) Montreal Airport (#923), Toronto Airport (#924), Halifax Airport (#925) 1 in 84,801,970 Air Transat Family Vacation
 Highways Route Transcan Highway(#928) Sea To Sky Highway (#927) 1 in 3,856,061 Esso | Mobil Gas for One Year

How to get McDonalds Monopoly Game Pieces 2018?

Make a Purchase: Visit any participating McDonald’s restaurant in Canada during the McDonalds Monopoly Game Period and purchase a food item which mentioned Mcdonalds Monopoly Game promotion to obtain the game code.

Without any purchase (Free): If you don’t want to spend money on buying food items from Store then follow this method to enter for free

  • Send a mail, in a postage address (first and last name, street address, city/town, Province/territory and postal code), to: 2018 MONOPOLY “Coast to Coast” Game at McDonald’s Game Piece Request, P.O. Box 314, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, E2L 3Y2.

McDonald’s Monopoly Canada 2018 Coast to Coast Game

Eligibility: The McDonald’s Monopoly Canada Game is open to legal residents of the Canada who are atleast 13 years of age or older

Game Period: The Game starts at 11:00 AM on October 10, 2018 and ends at 10:59 PM on November 11, 2018.



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Canadian Game Food Prizes

Prize(s)  No. of Prizes (Approx.)
Cheeseburger 3,535,833
Muffin / Mini Pastry 3,535,833
Small Hot McCafe Beverage 3,359,042
Small Fountain Drink 1,591,125
Medium Fries 3,889,414
Sandwich 1,767,916

Canadian Game Non-Food Prizes:

Prize(s) No. of Prizes
$5 Hudson’s Bay Gift Card 100000
$10 Hudson’ bay Gift Card 24000
$10 McDonald’s Card 12500
Hasbro Monopoly Classic Board Game 1000
Esso / Mobil $25 Gift Card 5000
CanvasPop $25 Gift Card 1500000
$50 Vanilla Prepaid MasterCard Card 600
Esso Ι Mobil $50 Gift Card 2200
$50 McDonald’s Card 1500
$50 Cash 6000
Forza Game Pass Bundle 1500
Skullcandy Headphones 1500
Xbox One S Bundle 100
4K Ultra HD Hisense Roku TV 100
Warner Bros. TV Series Prize Pack 240
Air Transat Flight Priz 150
Crave TV Bundle 10
Universal Orlando Resort Family Vacation 6
Bloomex Flowers and Gifts 20
$10,000 7
Big Mac for lifetime 1
Big Mac for 1 year 25

Canadian Game Collect and Win Prizes:

Prize(s): Game Pieces Required to win Availability
Xbox One X Forza Bundle Rideau Canal (#901) and Parliament Hill (#902) 20
Yamaha Grizzly Family ATV Bundle

Lake Louise (#903), Mackenzie River (#904) and Lake Athabasca (#905)

$10,000 cash prize in the form of check

Percé Rock (#906), Miles Canyon (#907) and Columbia Icefield (#908)

Cineplex Première Card Signal Hill (#909), Peggys Cove (#910) and Tunnels of Moose Jaw (#911 10
Vanilla Prepaid MasterCard cards Confederation Bridge (#912), Baffin Island (#913) and Bay of Fundy (#914) 5
Cabela’s Barbeque Package Algonquin Provincial Park (#915), Wapusk National Park (#916) and Whistler (#917) 75
$2,000 Hudson’s Bay Gift Card Robson Street (#918), Sainte-Catherine Street (#919) and Portage and Memorial (#920) 5
5 Million RBC Rewards points from Royal Bank of Canada or a direct deposit or cheque for Fifty Thousand Dollars Fairmont Le Château Frontenac (#921) and Niagara Falls (#922) 6
Air Transat “Family Vacation” Montréal Airport (#923), Toronto Airport (#924), Halifax Airport (#925) and Vancouver Airport (#926) 20
Esso / Mobil “Gas for One Year” Sea To Sky Highway (#927) and Route Transcan. Highway (#928) 25


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