Safewa Monopoly Rare Pieces 2019


Rare Safeway Monopoly Game 2019 Pieces

Are you playing Safeway Monopoly 2018 and searching for Safeway Monopoly Winning Rare Pieces 2019 on the Internet then do not worry as here I am providing a complete list of Rare Safeway Monopoly Pieces 2019 which help you in winning prizes worth more than $250 Million Dollar. I won’t waste your much time in introducing Safeway Monopoly Game ( as you already know about it. If you don’t know about “Safeway SHOP PLAY WIN Monopoly Game” then check this Post about Safeway Monopoly Game where I have explained everything about Safeway Game along with Prizes of Safeway Monopoly Game.

Rare Safeway Monopoly Game 2018 Pieces

What are Safeway Shop Play Win Monopoly Game Rare Pieces?

These are Some Rare Pieces of Safeway / Vans Monopoly Game which you will get from Safeway Shop Play Win 2019 Game Tickets. It is difficult to recognize Rare Game Pieces and Common Pieces of Safeway Monopoly Game Board 2019. So I have made this list of Safeway Monopoly Game Winning Rare Pieces which you help in winning Prizes worth over $250 millions.

To know How to Play Safeway Monopoly Game, Prizes and Winners, Check this Post – Safeway Shop Play Win Monopoly Game

I will update this List of Rare Safeway 2019 Monopoly Game Pieces whenever I get any new information regarding Safe Way Shop Play Win Rare Pieces.

Last Date Updated – February 9, 2019

Safeway Monopoly Game Prize(s) Rare Pieces
$1 Million Dollar Cash 335CI, 336DI
$1 Million Vacation Home 341CJ, 343EJ
$100,000 Cash or Boat 394BW, 397EW
$30,000 Pair of Jet Skis 398AX, 401DX
$25,000 Home Theater 403AY, 404BY
$20,000 College Tuition 408AZ, 411DZ
$10,000 Cash 416A$, 417A$
$7,500 Family Vacation 419B#, 420C#
$5,000 Cash 302BA
$1,000 Cash 318BE
$2,000 Fandango Movies for a Year 315DD
$500 Portable Grill & Groceries 327CG
$300 Wireless Headphones 391CV
$5,000 Groceries 308DB
$2,000 309AC
$1,000 Grocery Gift Card 321AF
$500 Grocery Gift Card 332DH
$200 Family Picnic 388DU
$100 Grocery Gift Card 381AT
$50 Grocery Gift Card 374BR
$25 Grocery Gift Card 372DQ
$10 Grocery Gift Card 358BN
$5 Grocery Gift Card 351CL
$100 Cash 379CS
$25 Cash 365AP
$20 Cash 362BO
$10 Cash 353AM
$5 Cash 348DK

Final Words:-

So this is the latest update on Safeway Monopoly Winning pieces which are necessary to win something big like $ 1 Million Cash or $1 Million Vacation or other Prizes from Safeway Monopoly Game. I will update this Rare Safeway 2019 Monopoly Game Pieces whenever I get more information regarding Safe Way Shop Play Win Rare Piece. If you got any Rare, Semi-Rare, Common Safeway Game of Monopoly then you can comment it below 🙂



  1. I have 189VD Anyone have 190VE willing to team up and be winners together. Split 40,000 vehicle of choice 20,000 each. Lmk. 9705396962


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